TV Station Public Files Go Online for Inspection

Today is the effective date for the FCC's rules requiring TV broadcasters to post their local public inspection file online at a site maintained by the FCC. Late last week, the court denied broadcasters' request for a stay of this deadline. As a result, unless an exception applies, public file documents created on or after August 2, 2012 must be immediately posted online using the FCC's online system: Public file documents created prior to August 2, 2012 must be posted online by February 1, 2013.

Note that not every local public file document must be uploaded. Documents filed with the FCC by the station (such as applications, reports and the like) are to be imported by the FCC into the online database. Letters and emails from the public must be retained at the main studio. Also, the political file for stations not affiliated with the top four networks in the top 50 DMAs does not need to be uploaded until July 1, 2014. Contact Rebecca Rini for more information.